What is RPM? We gathered all the ideas of what would be needed to keep a computer up and running in tip-top condition all year long. The result is a service that is only available at Collier Computer Systems and its called RPM (or Remote Process Monitoring). We've uncovered what needs to be accomplished in order to keep your PC running great all year long!

#1. Start with a smooth-running PC. We call it our Complementary Fix-All and we'll repair any software issues your PC is experiencing, remove adware, viruses, etc. until your PC is up and running is good condition!

#2. Antivirus Software Included. We install quality antivirus software that has been tested over and over, ensuring viruses, hackers, etc, cannot access your PC. We even provide a one-year-virus free warranty as part of the installation.

#3. Security Protocols. We install a highly-tested remote access system and ensure the highest security protocols and encryption; we'll even lock-down your wireless router to ensure security.

#4. Daily Backup System. We use a daily backup system to cover any lost or damaged files to protect what you work on during the day.

#5. Documentation. We document your software ensuring license compliance and your hardware, so that if needed, we can provide you with a list of equipment should anything be stolen or damaged during your subscription.

#6. Error Logs. The main focus of our remote monitoring service is the ability to gather and sort your computers' error logs in a sensible and categorical way. We then review each log on a regular basis proactively  looking for trends that we can correct. When, or if, we locate some, we'll immediately remote into your PC and effect repairs!

#7. Provide End-User Support. We provide you with unlimited technical support for a year! Available 730a to 730p every day (except certain holidays) helping you with Microsoft Office products, your computer itself and even many other programs like Quicken, QuickBooks and partial support of the Adobe suite of software.

#8. One Annual Payment. You'll get all of the above, plus more, for only one simple payment annually. We top-off our subscription, with a rate guarantee, that your subscription price will never increase as long as you remain current in your subscription. Your renewal rate will NEVER increase!



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